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Wattle and Wildflower

Fabric Photo Decal - Single Size

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Our Fabric Photo Decals are the perfect way to achieve hassle-free photo displays. No hooks, no frames, no worries! Your photos are printed on a beautiful fabric wallpaper material that is fully removable, they are made to be removable and convenient. The circular shape means they are much more forgiving for being level. Just arrange and stick.


Use this option for purchasing 1 or more decals, of one size. For example, you could order 10 small sizes or 5 large-size decals in one purchase through this listing.


These are a perfect option for photos at rental properties too!

These decals are a more-is-better product, please use a ruler to ensure you are aware of the sizes first and know that larger, styled displays of multiple packs, often make the largest statement and most impressive photo features.


Sizes are as follows:

Large - 40cm across Photo Decal

Medium - 25cm across Photo Decal

Small - 15cm across Photo Decal


Care and Use Details - Please Read Before Purchase

Please ensure surfaces are fully clean and dry before application.

Our Wall Decal products are made using a premium European highly removable fabric wallpaper film. It is manufactured to leave no adhesive residue and be highly removable. Its use-cases include daily changing displays for classroom signage where an image is moved on a daily basis or greater.

While it is the perfect product for keeping your walls safe, care should always be taken when applying any product to your painted walls. Wall paints have many variables such as manufacturing specifications, mixes, and even the way a painter on the day of application has mixed and handled a paint. We ship all our decals with a small sample decal and we test our wallpaper frequently with removals on many surfaces.

We encourage you to test your wallpaper sample in a suitable location, such as a wardrobe interior or similar area that is out of the way but will indicate how your paint reacts to the wallpaper product. 

Customer Reviews

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Ellie Forde
Couldn’t of wished for more!

Was absolutely blown away by the quality and how the decals turned out! Perfect addition to our little apartment!