Loyalty Rewards Program

We have a loyalty program! It's generous too!

If you want to be part of our loyalty program and earn points every purchase that you can put towards future purchases, simply click the little brown gift at the bottom of your screen.

Our Petal Points are great for reducing the price of future purchases and they're a no-brainer. You could be buying some baby Milestone sets or educational resources now and suddenly have the points for some custom Christmas decorations later. Win - win!

I am also big on making sure these points aren't a token amount. You don't have to spend $1000 dollars to get $1 worth of rewards here. You get 10 Petal Points per $1 spent and 100 Petal Points is $1 off your next order. 


Join Now! 

How we give.

Click the image to track donations and see where you can choose for money to go from your purchases. You're also welcome to donate extra!

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